Each community is staffed with qualified social services team whose key function is to promote and restore individual psychosocial functions of the residents. Our social workers work with the resident and families during the admission phase into our communities, helping to provide a smooth transition and alleviating anxiety and stress.

The social services team focus’s on individualized therapy’s to decreases Psychosocial concerns that may involve depression, anxiety and dementia as well as other social dimensions such as loss of relationships, loss of personal control and identify and anxieties associated with a new environment. The social services team uses a person centered approach in treating each resident.

In addition to the Psychosocial needs of the resident, the social services team ensures that discharge planning back to home is easy, enabling the resident and family to focus on the homecoming verses the burdens of establishing community services and appointments.

From admission to discharge our social workers strive to make the resident comfortable and secure.