As the only Not-for-Profit facility in Westerville, we are founded and managed to ensure adults continually receive quality care they can trust.

Mission-driven: As an organization dedicated to our mission of creating a resident-centered community, we are focused on finding new and innovative ways to improve the quality of care, and always, in this ever changing environment, we remain faithful to our mission.   Our mission demands a higher quality of care and we hold ourselves accountable to our residents, our board, and the community-at-large.

Governance: Our facility is governed by a board of volunteers, not investors, whose dedication remains focusing on upholding a higher standard of care and ensuring our resources are best used in upholding our mission and values.

Resources: We constantly reinvest our resources into our facility.  We are continuously focused on increasing staffing, improving the facility, enhancing services, and ensuring staff, family, and resident satisfaction.  Our focus is on caring for our residents, not benefitting stockholders or increasing company value.

Quality: We are dedicated to providing the hands-on care required to improve lives and work diligently to improve the lives of our residents and families. Through constant innovation we ensure our position as a leader in healthcare.

Superior Survey Performance:  The Ohio Department of Health conducts comprehensive surveys of all nursing homes on a yearly basis.  This inspection provides an in depth look at our performance and care.  We are proud of our survey record and hold ourselves to a higher standard in achieving outstanding performance.

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High Resident and Family Satisfaction:  Our staff takes pride in our ability to care for our residents and communicate with residents and families.  It is little wonder we have scored a high rating on Family and Resident satisfaction surveys run by the state of Ohio.

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Resident 2011



87.3 %

88.6 %

87.3 %

85.3 %

87.1 %

Family 2010 Satisfaction Average

90.3 %

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87.93 %

Resident 2009 Satisfaction Survey

91.1 %

86.7 %

85.8 %

75.4 %

85.9 %